Thursday, 22 March 2007

the second coming...

Back again with another two hot records for you. The first one is

Dave Richmond - Mainly Bass (New Southern Library, NSL1006)

I'm not 100% sure if he is this Dave Richmond, but in the wikipedia entry they say he did session work, so I assume it could be him. Mainly Bass is very minimal record with mainly bass and drums. At least four tracks (summering menace,expansions, the prober, glissed again) could be from a new dusty fingers installment, the rest of the tracks are also very moody and soundtrack-like.

Malo - Ascensions (1974, Warner)

"When Latin funk and Latin rock had its brief moment in the sun during the '70s, a number of groups emerged. Most were imitation Santanas, but at least Malo could boast that it had a real Santana in the lineup. Carlos Santana's brother Jorge headed Malo, and he possessed a little of his brother's vocal sound. Unfortunately, he didn't have enough to keep Malo going more than a few years. Their debut LP for Warner Bros. reached number 14 on the pop charts, but it was all downhill from there." (
The real killer track on this lp for me is "latin woman". While the other tracks have more of a latin/south american flavor, "latin woman" is a straight forward funk burner with a dope synth bass. Enjoy !


lawrence said...

i have been visiting your blg everyday without fail hoping you would follow that amazing selected sounds library record...... worth the wait man!!!


lawrence said...

We need some more of your killer posts dude!

pEtEr said...

Great 2nd Blog-Post ;)
Please give us some more!

Anonymous said...

Great post but missing the last 2 tracks of the New Southern LP.

Can you please post these?

leCurLing said...

good stuff for good blog

maddie0147 said...

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