Wednesday, 7 March 2007

freaks come out at night

Wassup y'all? I've been reading mp3 blogs for almost two years now and got some incredible good music and information out of it. I think it's time to give something back.

Having an oldschool hiphop dj mentality, I'll play any type of music as long as it is funky and fresh. I'll try to bring you music from my collection that I think deserves more attention and promotion.
I'm doing this because I love music and believe that this a new and positive thing that helps the music and the artist in some way. If you are a copyright holder of music I post here and want the post deleted, contact me and I'll do it.

I'll try to make new post at least once a week, with cover pictures (I don't have a scanner) and selfmade rips of the highest possible quality.

Ok, let's get this party started.

Majic 12 - The Last Battle 12'' (Beau Monde Records, 1995)

I coudn't find much information about the artist and the label, so if you have any additional infos, please contact me, because I'm very eager to learn more about this guy and the label.
"The Last Battle" is the fourth release on the Beau Monde label, produced by Scott Edward Hodgson aka Majic 12 who also released super dope funk and disco under the alias Uriel.
This is a funky electro jam with a new twist. You can definately hear the oldschool influence but he managed to give it a new direction, something, that in my opinion not many artists have succeeded in (in regard to an original oldschool 80s electro flavor).
There is no track on the b-side, only a cut in text: "THE LAST BATTLE: In a post-apocalyptic wasteland that once was the Earth twelve man stand poised to battle out the last dying seconds of a sick planet. The two surviving crews in their anti-radiation track suits face each other for the last ever burnoff. For twelve days and twelve nights they turn their tricks of precicion and provocation when without warning the desolate sky folds in on itself and they are erased for ever in a deafening silence. The twelve breakers of the last hour pass through to the other side of consciousness, to a life beyond life, an existence beyond existence where they battle for eternity on a lino so vast in every direction that it stretches the minds concept of distance, here they will stay crystallised for ever as immortals of a street paradise."

Rex Brown Company & WERSI-Electric-String Orchestra - Action & Tension & Space (Selected Sound 9053, 1976)

Library music, I love library music! There is so much funky music, yet unheard by most of human mankind, because this music got only released in low quantities and was specifically made for post production of radio and tv programs. The best thing about is, you could order these records for free!!! If you were a radio station or a tv station or studio, the library music companies would send you their whole catalogue. They got paid through royalties for the usage of their music. Many artists produced also under aliases (even more than one) for these library labels. The Rex Brown Company was Berry Lipman (born Friedel Berlipp), a german bandleader, composer, arranger and music producer, who became famous for making easy-listening versions of famous evergreens. His biggest hits were "The Girls from Paramaribo" and "La Parranda".
Action & Tension & Space is exactly what the title says, drama, elcetronics and funk deluxe! Some tracks from this release have been used on the soundtrack to the british-german sci-fi tv show Star Maidens. There are no weak tracks on this record, only killers, no fillers!

See you next week!


lawrence said...

yo this lp is sick.......Probably the best selected sound ive ever heard... got anymore????

pEtEr said...

Rex Brown Company is pure Dope!
Kreuzberg laesst gruessen....

Skulla Petra Lunga said...

Excellent post - excellent.

-Skulla (

litlgrey said...

I am unable to extract the two JPEGS from this ZIP file because both WinZIP and WinRAR tell me the file names exceed 260 characters. What can be done? Can you shorten the file names and email them to me, or post them on your blog?

I also had to re-add the ".zip" extension to the archive, probably for the same reason. All the sound files extracted properly however.


NiceGuy Eddie said...

Good Lp. I caught this about 6 years ago.

flyin' feux said...

got more?

Mr B said...

thanks buddy !



wza said...

Wow, this album is phenomenal. Thanx for the tip !!!

T said...

Wow, amazing stuff! Thanks for this share. Post more like this pretty please! many thanks

hope said...

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